Launching Your First Ever Digital Marketing Campaign

Launching your first digital marketing campaign can be daunting at first. We will share a simple and effective campaign for you to start with first and move on to more advanced strategies and optimization further down the road.

What is a digital marketing campaign?

Simply put, it is an online effort to increase sales to your business using various trackable goals. Under the context of a healthcare practice, our goal is to increase the number of people who come in and pay in exchange for our physiotherapy services. 

Step I : Identify goals of the campaign

The first step to setting up a digital marketing campaign is to identify the goals of the campaign. 

What are you looking for in this campaign? 

-Is it to drive engagement? (Get more people to interact and know more about your brand/business) 

-Is it to get leads (potential clients) for your business? 

-Increase sales directly through conversions? (Get more people to buy your product/services)

Step II: Define Key Performance Indicators

To understand if our efforts are worth our time, we need to define some key performance indicators. These are indicators that allow us to know if our business is doing well. Digital marketing KPIs can be as broad or as narrow as you want it to be. 

For starters, we can start off by defining some simple KPIs that is helpful for almost all businesses.

That is - The number of sales of products or services. This is the number that we need to track to know how many transactions are being made in order to calculate our next KPI.

Total revenue generated from the campaign - We can track this manually or by using some tools online. 

Next, to justify the revenue and profitability of our campaign, we need to know our Ad spend. How much are we spending in terms of advertising?

With that we can calculate our Returns on investment (ROI) - this will help us justify our Ad spend to see if our business is profitable.

Step III: Launch 

To launch the digital marketing campaign, we use social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, or Youtube to reach out to our target audience.

How we would do it is to set up a Facebook Advertising Campaign reaching out to people to come to our practice, thereby increasing sales. However, it does not end there. We want to have more people to engage our services at a lower cost of getting them. Thus, we would ask them to refer to their friends and families to come forward for our services too. These friends and families of the previous customers are called “referrals” which are free to us as we did not spend advertising money on them.


All in all digital marketing strategies can get very complex to drive the most amount of money into the business while constantly lowering the costs. 

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